Early for thunderstorms

This week, Read, Write, Poem prompted weather… and also characters. I haven’t often written from another point of view in poetry, and I remembered friends telling me about a Midsummer Night’s Dream they saw years back at the Folger’s Library, and big, brassy Helena who knew how to laugh at herself. And she started talking. Don’t know whether she’s finished yet.


I know what I want.
Don’t you know the strength of that?
All their minds blowing around me
like aspen leaves in yellow storm light,
and the air heavy with mischief,
and only I come straight
through the wood.
I sleep in the fern beside the path
and wake and come on.
If you know your longings ā€”
and what would you give to know?
ā€” would you not walk barefoot
over wet pine needles
to meet them? The clouds build.
The woods breathe, waiting for the rush.
Rumble in my throat, static lightening
in my hair ā€” give me the shock
of closing space. Say it with me:
I want you.


7 Responses to “Early for thunderstorms”

  1. Dave Says:

    I’m always a sucker for prosopopoeia. Here I particularly like “the air heavy with mischief” and “The clouds build./ The woods breathe…” And the poem as a whole has great energy, enacting what it describes.
    (Did you really mean “lightening”?)

  2. Linda Jacobs Says:

    All their minds blowing around me
    like aspen leaves in yellow storm light,
    and the air heavy with mischief,

    Shakespeare would drfinitely have approved of these lines! The whole poem is great!

  3. rbarenblat Says:


  4. paisley Says:

    how forthright and daring.. this was very clean.. and i love the idea of searching oneself for what we would be willing to do to attain our hearts desire…..

  5. Crafty Green Poet Says:

    Wonderful imagery here and good use of punctuation and line breaks

  6. AnthonyNorth Says:

    Great symbolism. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  7. gautami tripathy Says:

    Great symbolism, beautiful imagery. It really made my day!

    coiled and cocooned

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