Rain Day

Wednesday morning, early.  Breakfast is cooking in the oven – I planned to get up early enough so that it would be ready before Deb got up – but as usual, I failed.  Not in getting up early enough, but in keeping Sombra and me quiet enough so that she didn’t get up.  There are just too many sqeaky doors and tail thumps at the thought of tennis balls!

I’m being encouraged to be a bit more diligent about taking photos, and posting, of my current gardening efforts. Change is gradual even though Spring is here.  Its early, yet, but beans, peas and carrots are up both at the the farm and in Guilford, and in the latter, we are almost ready to start the second “mowing” of lettuce even though we’re not all through with the first! Raised beds a bit of a success so far.

Yesterday, the first 1/3 of the corn patch got planted (100 seeds in 5 rows, to aid cross-pollination) and the first two pyramids for pole beans erected and planted.  Four of the poles were from last year, and the next four were ancient ones from the shed.  Dry, for sure – but I hope not too brittle in August when the pyramids are “fully loaded”!

Farm garden – 1/3 terraced and half planted:

We were pretty sure it would rain this week, because the tree peonies are in bloom.  It seems to happen every year, just when the blooms are fullest and heaviest.  They usually coincide with the first thunderstorms, which are promised for this afternoon;  but here’s one blossom – just before the rains.

And finally – slow but ongoing progress in straightening out the beds out back!  Now, the question is – did these photos actually load?


🙂  Tony



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