I have lived in half the corners of New England and ridden through them and fallen off. I’ve stacked hay bales, driven a tractor, watered chickens, picked rocks and helped worm sheep, but not for ten straight hours a day. I can tell a suffolk punch from a shetland pony, an ayrshire cow from a red devon, and a marsh marigold from a dogtooth violet on a good day. My dad knows cows, and my mom knows ferns, and they both tell good stories about them.

A local weekly paper and an MFA program in fiction have given me the chance to write full-time since college. The books that are not pressing fall leaves in my hallway are spilling across the furniture, propping doors and buttressing walls. When I’m not playing contradance whistle, I think about them often.

One great pleasure of falling headlong into a new time, place, study, is talking about it. Now, when I fall in love with ghazals or pillared halls running out into courtyards of orange trees, and can’t help grabbing the next person I see by the arm and telling them all about it — now I can.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Wendy Green Simpson Says:

    Katie, I have come across your wonderful almanac this morning, and I LOVE your writing. I feel that I am reading words, but could be carefully looking at a multi-layered watercolor, bright white paper peeking out from soft greens and blues…

    I went to a private high school in Massachusetts with a Katie Abbott (1970s), wouldn’t that be fun if it were you! My friend Betsy and I wonder about Katie, she grew up in Hopkinton outside of Concord, a sweet bright woman. But, mostly I have been very moved by the pictures you paint with words, would like to send you some poetry if that would be ok. All the best, Wendy

  2. Wendy Green Simpson Says:

    Hi, Katie, Forgive me – I may have deleted my note to you – anyways, I found your writing very moving, wonder if you went to HS in Western MA in the 70s. Feel like you paint with words, woman! All the best, Wendy

  3. springfarmalmanac Says:

    Hi Wendy, thanks so much! I’m not the same Katie Abbott, but she sounds lovely. (I went to high school in coastal CT in the 90’s, but I live in western Mass. now.) I’m sorry to take such a long time responding. My current job doubles in volume in the summers. But I very much appreciate your note, and I’d be glad to read some of your poetry, if you should read this reply. All the very best on a summer Sunday afternoon!

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